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Order Anja’s new EP “Still”, which is a collaborative project with singer-songwriter and good friend Dan Whitehouse, for £4. It was released on Sotones Records on 20th January 2014.

This is a collaboration between two good friends, with that friendship built on good musicianship, so the quality of this work hardly comes as a surprise.” (mintsouth)

The only complaint I can come up with when listening to this album is that there just isn’t more of it!” (Ron Trembath, Trainwreck’d Society)

Far more layered and complex than you would expect… Anja McCloskey  and (…) Dan Whitehouse were born to collaborate.” (6squid)

Very nice stuff indeed.” (Peter Coulston, Radio Shoreditch)

All the tracks are just beautiful.” (Nick Tann, Is This Thing On Podcast)

Still is a brave and promising project that hints at bigger things for this collaboration.” (Janet M Roe, Folkingdotcom)

a terrific collaborative pair” (Drunken Werewolf)

A unique project which no doubt hints at success for what is to come in the coming years.” (Mancunian Matters)