Goodbye USA – Hello Germany and UK!

The time finally came to play my last show in the US (for now). Sam Hall, my wonderful violinist, and I set off on a sunny Friday afternoon to head to Omaha, NE, where we were to perform at the Barley Street Tavern.

It was a really cosy little venue, and we were delighted to be performing with Danny Sabra & Friends. I don’t know how they even fit on the stage with strings, a brass section, double bass, keyboard, drums… I could go on. It was a beautiful performance, but see for yourself:

After a refreshing night’s sleep in a local motel (I know – unusual combination of words, but true) Sam and I headed over to Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital, for a show at Dusty’s Tavern. We didn’t realise how close Omaha and Lincoln were and consequently had a lot of time to kill…

First we amused ourselves by attempting to be hip and trendy and by confusing local car drivers:

Then we saw sense and went to the State Capitol Building instead. We had a hilarious tour guide, who seemed to be very popular with a few college girls in our group. It was almost embarassing to watch the continuous gushing… Here’s the view from the top:

The gig at Dusty’s Tavern was a lot of fun, but we were slightly saddened by the fact that it would be the last US gig for a while. But don’t fret, we’ll be back.

The journey to Germany was relatively uneventful. My accorrdion survived the flight, thanks to its custom-built flight case, and I’ve been busy playing a number of solo performances in the fatherland.

I’ve been travelling to gigs by train, and that in itself has been a wonderful experience. Germany is really beautiful, and I’m enjoying the rural views from tranquil train compartments.

First off was a gig at Akkordeon Cafe in Dortmund. Who would have thought – an accordion club, full of accordion players and accordion lovers in the heart of Dortmund! The room was packed and the atmosphere excellent. I had a wonderful time!

I then ventured North to return to Prinz Willy. We played here last year as part of our European tour. And it was great to see that the place is still going strong. It is such a charming venue.

I opened for US singer-songwriter and harpist Gillian Grassie, who played a beautiful set. She is coming to the US soon, so make sure you go and see her play.

And last week finally saw my return to good old Hamburg, to Winterhude’s Freundlich + Kompetent.

It is such a wonderful quirky place. They even have a small beach outside the venue, with beach baskets that you can sit in, and palm trees inside the venue. My fan brigade was also there :-)

Next up will be a small tour to the UK! I’m very excited, as I will be seeing a lot of friends and fellow Sotones comrades. If you can make it to one of the shows that would of course be awesome:

6th July – Opening of Rice Up Wholefoods, Southampton – 12pm

6th July – Quinto Book Shop, London with Victoria Hume – 6pm
Facebook Event

7th July – LOAF Festival, Stourbridge – 2pm
Facebook Event

7th July – Free Love Club, Birmingham – evening
Facebook Event

8th July – Fuel Bar Cafe, Manchester with Richard Lomax, John Ainsworth and Mark Mace Smith
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9th July – Caledonia, Liverpool with Ottersgear – evening

10th July – Stables Bar at the Royal Oak Hotel, Betws-y-Coed with Ottersgear – evening

13th July – Googies Art Cafe, Folkestone – evening