Krampuslauf – Free Christmas Single

The traditional Etao Shin & Anja McCloskey Christmas collaboration has been in full swing this year, and Joe and I are very pleased to present our new joint single “Krampuslauf” to you :-)
















Based on the ancient Austro-Bavarian tale of Krampus, a horned companion of Saint Nicholas, who snatches naughty children on Christmas Eve, our Christmas single certainly explores the darker, more peculiar side of Christmas.

The free download also includes a strangely enthralling remix by the infamous Niggle.

You can download both tracks for free here.

Cover artwork courtesy of Billy Mather. Recorded, mixed and produced by Joseph Kelly. Mastered by Andy Harris.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone! Gruss vom Krampus!

PS: You can also still download our 2012 Christmas single “Red & White” here.