New album “Quincy Who Waits” £10

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You can now buy Anja’s second album “Quincy Who Waits” for just £10.

“Smart songwriting from an emerging talent.” (R2 Rock’n’Reel Magazine)

“A charming slice of modern folk” (The Girls Are)

“McCloskey is in a league of her own – her voice is like nothing I’ve heard before.” (Sophie Porter,

“This is a consistently excellent collection of folk tunes that sees McCloskey reflect, experiment and uplift, bringing the listener into her unique world. It’s a world where the ‘difficult second album’ theory never gets a chance to come into any effect whatsoever.” (For Folks Sake)

“a rare and charming sound” (She Makes Music)

“One of the prettiest albums of the year…together they have created a record of great warmth and elegantly immersive moods” (4/5, Russ Coffey, The Arts Desk)

“A fine, fine piece of work…an often moving and beautiful album with some quite stunning vocals and musical arrangements could quite easily be one of the surprise releases of the year.” (8.5/10, Paul Scott-Bates, Louder Than War)

“Essentially an accordion player, the German-born singer/songwriter is so much more. She has at least one foot in the performance artist camp and she has a damn good and original voice as well as being an extremely talented and different musician.” (Folk All)

“The album seems to pay tribute to travelling and how it expands your mind, which is exactly what this record does. There is no tension and it seems to go with the flow, allowing the listener to disappear into their own world for a while.” (Artswrap)

“It hints at tradition which sit alongside an unshakably modern sound. McCloskey is certainly not an artist who spends time worrying about fitting in, and we applaud her wholeheartedly for that.” (For Folks Sake)

“This time the music and lyrics go further with different inspirations, experimental sounds and a growth in confidence lyrically from Anja herself.” (Mixtape Couture)

“There is a joyful and celebratory impression to much of Anja McCloskey’s music. It has the traditional sounds that make it appear to be based on older melodies, but there is also something fresh, particularly in her fine vocals.” (Glasswerk Magazine)

“This is a heartwarming album that really shows off Anja McCloskey’s talents as a singer, writer and intrepid traveller.” (Penny Black Music)

“Worth the wait.” (UK Folk Radio making Henry Lives Track of the Day)

“Striking melodies and mature arrangements throughout” (4/5, Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky)

The album is out now on Sotones Records.

The album was recorded in Hamburg, London and Brighton and also features a number of fellow Sotonians, including Fredrik Kinbom, Campbell Austin (Moneytree, TS Idiot), Mikey Kenney (Ottersgear), Joseph Kelly (Etao Shin), Andy Harris (Haunted Stereo, Calico Cat), Oliver Austin and Hannah Miller (Moulettes), Richard Lomax (Johnny5thWheel&thecowards), Dan Whitehouse and many more.

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