Saying goodbye to Des Moines in style… and hello Rockford.

The last few weeks have been truly wonderful. I returned to an old favourite, Ritual Cafe, in Des Moines and performed with my newly acquired string trio (Hannah Drollinger, Laura Valle and Carolyn Rogers). They were such troopers and I will miss performing with them. My good friend Mitch Gettman managed to come down from Omaha, too, to perform a set with us, and that was magical.

As I’m getting ready to head back to Germany, this was my last Des Moines show for now. But I will be back next year, for sure.

Hannah Drollinger and I then had the pleasure of performing at a house party in Rockford, Illinois for Dan’s 18th birthday party :-) His parents are cool enough to allow him to have bands perform in the basement all of the time. My parents would have killed me…

We had a fantastic time, despite being the oldest ones there and thoroughly overdressed after leaving snowy Des Moines and landing in sunny Rockford 😉 We both wore combats and silly hats! And it was such a pleasure to perform with Hannah. Hopefully we will be able to reunite for a tour of the States next year.

Good old Betsy, my trusted Neon Dodge, had some serious band travel competition though. There was no way she could hold up to Mad Anthony’s tour bus (pictured here with Hannah catching a sneaky pic):

The band itself, not to be outdone by its mode of transportation, was also great fun. Here is a little video of Mad Anthony:

I was lucky enough to see them play again in Des Moines a few days later. They are touring all over the place at the moment, so if you are in the vicinity, go see them. It’s worth it, even if you’re just attending to witness pure manlove on stage…

Hannah and I spent the evening that night in a restaurant, where the waitress was convinced we were sisters. Looking back at the pictures, I now understand why. I didn’t realise we had the same glasses:

I’m now getting ready for my last US shows, before I head to Europe. Sam Hall will play violin for me at Barley Street Tavern in Omaha on Friday (10th May) and at Duffy’s Tavern in Lincoln on Saturday (11th May). I’m excited :-) America has treated me well and I will miss it!